Tool #6

Currently I am using Today's Meet on my Math wiki that I use with parents (http://todaysmeet.com/HCEMathManiaParents). I have not yet used it with my kids as I was waiting until this semester. We will use TodaysMeet to discuss problem solving when evaluating student examples. I was surprised that I didn't see online stickies: http://en.linoit.com/. This site let's kids use their own computers (or ones you've set up) to post sticky notes on a bulletin board which you can then display on the ACTIVboard for the entire class to see and comment on with more sticky notes.  We brainstorm like this all the time using real sticky notes and chart paper.  This is a different way to do so, kids can post comments more easily, you can print the bulletin board and save for another time.  It's awesome. Google Docs will allow kids to work collaboratively on different publishing products.  Diigo will be an easy way to share websites with students for a particular unit of study like this one for food chains: Diigo list.

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