Tool #7

I think this would be a great way to bring parents into the classroom.  I know the idea is to go global. I understand that.  When it comes to math, one things kids have a hard time with though, is seeing how math really is used in the real world.  So I choose to start basic and local so I can instill an initial understanding. For each unit, we can use Today's Meet, Skype, or even or video tools like iPods and Flips to interview parents.  One way would be to have each student come up with a specific question related to the specific mathematical strand that is being covered in class.  Depending on the schedules of both parties, we could host a live interview via Skype or host an ongoing interview with Today's Meet that would be checked daily as part of a math center allowing small groups to respond and ask more questions based on the subjects' replies but this would also allow more subjects/parents to join in for the discussion.  Students could also video their parent and post to a class blog or the class could watch the video sent to the class. This would be a great way to start the school year (next year).

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