Tool #5

I love using different web based tools with my class.  Two of the easiest are Glogster (new for me this year) and Animoto. I have used Glogster since the beginning of the year.  The kids created a Glog that contained information about themselves to share with their classmates to build community.  We have used Animoto for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as well as for their math technology menu where they are choosing a math concept to create a short music video for.

Miss Lopez's Back to School Glog

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  1. Using Glogster to create glog to introduce yourself to your students is a terrific tool for modeling a creative use of this software. Shorter ANIMOTOS, like your student example, lets students sample the technology without being burdened with long processing times and errors when uploading pictures. You have such a technology rich classroom. Kudos!